Merkur Fairs

Merkur International Fairs has been organizing international trade exhibitions in various industries and their subsidiary sectors.
Since 2003, all of our organizations aims to provide participants with maximum benefit at all events
Among the major exhibitions we have organized are textile machinery and accessories, furniture subsidiary industries, shoes and side industries, building and construction industry, home textiles, food and packaging technology, agricultural  machinery, apparel industry, heating-cooling equipments and animal husbandry systems.
The success of all our organizations is based on the experience of the team who support the design and execute projects

Quality policy

İt is essential for our quality policy to determine the expectations and needs of our customers together with them, to develop services with appropriate solutions, and to maximize the benefit from this service.
All exhibition activities including also selection and promotion of the event until exhibition of the products at the fair ground, collection and removal at the end of the fair is achived by our quality policy.
The development of our quality policy is made possible by meeting the needs and expectations of all employees at the maximum level and ensuring the necessary conditions for this.



To organize high reputable international exhibitions with respectable image, to provide innovative exhibition services developed by considering quality principles. Measuring the needs and expectations of participants and bringing them to the right markets, contributing to strong cooperation on the international scene, meeting their economic goals. To meet the requirements of the public institutions we depend on in accordance with the legislation.


To be a reputable, reliable and effective fair company by organizing fairs that serve at world standards.
To create new markets and business opportunities for participants, to promote their presence in the international arena, and to contribute to their image, awareness and quality.